Wisdom Framework lets you build modern applications very efficiently, relying on rock-solid frameworks and ready for production.

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Finally a framework that lets you create modular and dynamic web applications. No more monolithic WAR or EAR files.

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Wisdom is a full stack based on Java and its ecosystem. And yes, Java can be used to build modern web applications without disowning itself.

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@Dev. @Run.

Doesn't matter if you build large enterprise apps or small RestFul APIs. Wisdom provides everything you need to get productive at once. Development, testing, deployment, re-deployment, maintenance...

@Dev » Generate a project in a couple of seconds and thanks to the awesome watch mode, it picks up all your code changes immediately. Wisdom relies on Apache Maven, a rock solid build tool making continuous integration painless.

@Run » Based on latest technologies, Wisdom applications are blazingly fast, and can be deployed easily on your IT or on any Cloud provider.

Be as fast as Flash!


Modular & Dynamic

Wisdom lets you build modular web applications. Instead of having everything in one package, you can structure your application as you want, making pieces replaceable and adaptable.

Stack Up » Divide your application into a number of components, that you can update individually.

Dynamic Updates » All of the different parts of your application can be installed, updated or uninstalled at runtime, without service disruption.

OSGi™ » Wisdom is based on OSGi™ to enforce modularity. But don't worry, we make it easy as pie. In addition, we use Apache Felix iPOJO to makes dynamism transparent.

Java in love.

You have probably heard that Java is not made for the Web. However recently, things changed! Don't be jealous of your PHP, Python, Rails or Scala mates anymore, you are now able to develop web applications as fast as them, but with additional features:

OSGi™ » it will bring you to the next level! Your applications are much more modular, easing maintenance and adaptation.

Autonomic » Thanks to an autonomic-ready runtime, provide self-healing or self-optimizing capabilities to your applications. Say "bye bye" to service disruptions.



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Wisdom Framework is an open-source project licensed under the Apache License 2.0.